How do I do this?

i. Download the workbook
ii. Open the pdf or print the pages you want to fill
iii. Always read the colored page first before filling in
iii. Fill in the pages digitally or directly with pen or pencil
iv. Please fill an entire subsection
iv. Learn and have fun!
v. Export the filled pages into PDF/JPG/PNG or scan them in
vi. Go to the google form and upload the files
vii. Done!

Infrastructure Workbook

Infrastructure Workbook Jakarta Edition is a workbook for people from Jakarta that investigates infrastructure through twelve workbook activities that allow people to relearn their environment. The workbook delves into five categories of infrastructure which include: Transportation, Communications, Energy, Waste  and Water Management.

01. Why Infrastructure Workbook?
02. Dive into the workbook
03. See people’s answers
04. Download the workbook
05. Workbook instructions
06. Submit a filled page/book!

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